What is Web3? The Decentralised Internet Explained

Web 1.0: The Read-Only Web

Web 2.0: The Social Web

What is wrong with the internet now?

Where is your data?

  1. As part of the checkout process you have to enter your name, email, card number and billing address (even if you are buying a digital product). These are stored (hopefully securely) on the servers of the company you are buying from. Depending on how the company has set up their store this could be another third party like Shopify.
  2. To be able to take payment for your order, they need to use a payment gateway like Stripe. So your name, email address, card number and billing address are now on the payment gateway’s servers too.
  3. Did you get an email confirmation of your order and possibly some marketing emails? Well, your data is now stored on their email providers servers such as Mailchimp.
  4. If you bought a physical product then I can guarantee the company isn’t going to hand-deliver it to you. They are going to use a courier and as such your details would be given to them as well so they can deliver your product and contact you in case of difficulties.

Web 3.0: The Decentralised Web




The Spatial Connected Web

Potential uses

DAO: Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

Where we are now

Getting started with Web3 Development



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